4 Easy Tips for Nailing that Interview!

[Image courtesy of Salvatore Vuono at FreeDigitalPhotos.net]

So you’ve passed stage one and you’ve just been asked for an interview at the company of your dreams. Obviously your nerves will be at an all time high and you’ll be thinking of every way possible that you could put your best foot forward. The following are some easy tips to help you do just that!


  1. Presentation


The first thing an employee notices when you walk in the room is how you present yourself. There’s a reason for the age-old adage that “First impressions can only be given once”. Professional, neat business attire should always be worn to an interview. Employers won’t be impressed if the person that walks into their interview is scruffy and unkempt – the logic being that if you look unorganised on the outside you most likely are unorganised in your work.


  1. Be natural


Even if your heart is racing a million miles a minute, it’s important that on the outside – you’re calm. Smile, be friendly and polite. Think about what you’re saying before you give an answer. Self confidence is always a good sign to an employer that you’re assured in the information you give.


  1. Do your research


Every company has a set of values and goals that serve as the foundation of their business. Ideally, their employees will reflect these values and goals in all aspects of their work. It helps if you’re aware of these and use the key words they’re looking for – kind of like search engine optimisation. While this never guarantees anything, it does help align you with what employers are looking for.


  1. Give specific examples


When an employer asks you ‘how would you…?’ they’re asking if you know how to respond to a situation. The best way to confidently respond is by giving a statement of what you would do, followed by what you have done in the past in similar situations. What employers are looking for is experience and the more specific you are about the experience you give, the better.


But most important of all, relax, and here’s hoping you’re successful!



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