5 Traits For a Successful Market Research Career

Are you ready to begin your career in market research? Or are you looking for a new challenge? These are the 5 traits we believe you need to make it in the market research industry!

1. Strategic Thinking

[two_third padding=”0 10px 0 0″]The ability to think about the bigger picture for a client is highly valuable in any market research organisation. Though the term may sound intimidating, all it takes is research, research, research! Start asking more questions, and investigate every avenue with a “why” and a “what if” on your lips. It always helps to look at a variety of sources, and then come up with a plan on how to action your findings. Where does the client fit in the industry? Where is the industry going? Being able to draw out insights and apply them profitably is definitely a trait to nurture![/two_third]


2. Emotional Intelligence

You’ve probably heard this term thrown around – but what does it mean? For CCInternational, emotional intelligence is the ability to understand and tell a story about people and places. How do you read people’s opinions and feelings, connect to others, and how did it change you? Being able to tell a great story and show that you understand what makes people tick is a trait employers will cherish.

Think outside the box
3. Innovation

If you’re feeling stuck in the avenue you’re in, investigating new and different methodologies and thinking creatively will help you make the move you want! Sometimes all it takes is a bit of innovation and thinking outside the box to come up with something fresh – and it’s this trait that clients like to hear about!

4. Networking

We can’t say it enough – networking is vital in moving your career forward or breaking into the industry. With 80% of available jobs never advertised, it’s who you know! Connecting with people via social media networks, attending conferences and keeping up with the industry news helps get you into a strategic position. For recent graduates, taking on temporary or voluntary roles such as intercept interviewing, internships or mentoring programs can put you in touch with the contacts that you need.

5. Curiosity

And finally, the last trait market researchers need is curiosity! Being curious not only uncovers more insights and helps you make new connections; it keeps things fresh and increases your productivity! A curious mind is an observant one, and opens up a whole new world of possibilities. How can you become curious? Keep an open mind, start asking questions, and most importantly – see learning as fun!


These may be traits that may come naturally to you or they may be skills that you need to learn and develop. Regardless, by utilising each of them you will undoubtedly see your career in market research grow and succeed! Hone in on these traits and remember to identify examples of where you have used them in the work place and life so you can provide them to potential employers in interview situations.

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